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  1. RapNet Tips & Tricks 

    1. I can't find a diamond that I need…
    2. How do I get more business on RapNet/become a super seller on RapNet?
    3. I need to do many searches to ensure that I have the right price information to price my diamonds?
  2. Managing Your Account 

    1. Updating Your Account Information
    2. Upgrading/Renewing Your Subscription
    3. How can I add an additional member for my company?
    4. How can I change my login?
    5. How do I change my password?
  3. Diamond Search 

    1. Viewing Search Results
    2. How do I buy diamonds on RapNet?
    3. What is Latest Listings?
    4. Searching for Parcels
    5. How do I find diamonds from a certain supplier if I don't know their RapNet ID?
  4. Buy Requests 

    1. Adding a Buy Request
    2. My Buy Requests
    3. Not receiving Buy Request emails/notifications
    4. Setting Buy Request Notifications
    5. Viewing All Buy Requests
  5. RapNet Shipping with AIB Express Logistics 

    1. RapNet Shipping with AIB Logistics Tutorial
    2. What are RapNet AIB Shipping Rates?
    3. Do I need to be a RapNet member to use RapNet Shipping?
    4. Do I need to be registered with AIB Express Logistics to use RapNet Shipping Services?
    5. Should I register with AIB Express Logistics?
  6. Buying Diamonds 

    1. How do I buy diamonds off RapNet?
    2. Does RapNet handle payment and guarantee payment?
    3. Does RapNet handle shipping?
    4. What about taxes incurred when importing or exporting diamonds into my country?
  7. Diamond Listings 

    1. How to List Diamonds for Sale
    2. Do I have to add both $/ct and Discount%?
    3. Listing a Single Diamond
    4. How do I upload parcels?
    5. How do I list matching pairs on RapNet?
  8. Rapaport & RapNet Price List 

    1. What is the Rapaport price list?
    2. Rapaport Price List
    3. I am a RapNet member, How do I download the current Rapaport Price List?
    4. How do I download the Rapaport Price List if I am a Price List only Member?
    5. Rapaport Price Changes
  9. RapNet XL 

    1. How do I upload my diamonds via RapNetXL
    2. Why is the RapNet XL Add-in not appearing in my Excel Workbook?
    3. RapNet XL - Invalid Shape of Clarity
    4. RapNet XL - Price Settings are not working
    5. How is the ‘RapNet Best Price Discount’ calculated in Excel
  10. Security and Privacy  

    1. Can I give out my password to my employees?
    2. How do I change my RapNet password?
    3. I am worried that someone is using my RapNet account, what shall I do?
    4. I am worried about wiring payment to the supplier, how do I protect myself?
  11. Member Profile 

    1. Looking up Members in the Directory
    2. Sending Messages to RapNet Members
    3. I am unable to locate a member’s contact information in the directory, why is that?
  12. Diamond Prices 

    1. TradeScreen Price Research
    2. Diamond Price Calculator
    3. RapNet Price List
    4. RapNet Price List Changes
  13. Mobile Apps 

    1. Which mobile apps do Rapaport provide?
    2. What is the RapNet App?
    3. I am not a Rapaport member, can I download the Rapnet App?
    4. I receive the Rapaport list every week/month, can I use the RapNet App?
    5. I am a RapNet member. Which features can I use on the RapNet App?
  14. Download Listing Service 

    1. What is the Download Listing Service?
    2. I am a RapNet member, why can’t I access the Download Listing Service?
    3. How do I create diamond feed?
    4. Why doesn’t my automatically created diamond feed include diamonds from all suppliers?
    5. What is a Trading Circle?
  15. Instant Inventory 

    1. What is RapNet Instant Inventory?
    2. How do I setup RapNet Instant Inventory for the first time?
    3. I subscribed to RapNet Instant Inventory and completed the setup. Why are there no diamonds showing on my website?
    4. Can I add my own diamonds that are not listed on RapNet?
    5. Can I change, move or customize the text and buttons on my RapNet Instant Inventory widget?
  16. Technical Questions 

    1. When I upload I get an Upload failed message, what does that mean?
    2. Old certificate information appears after a diamond has been recut or recerted.
    3. Unable to upload certificate getting error (500) message on following page: RapNet/LotManager/MyFiles.aspx
    4. I am receiving a Missing/Invalid Price message in my upload.
    5. Lab type is not displayed on RapNet
  17. Rapaport Auctions  

    1. What are Rapaport Auctions?
    2. How can I participate in a Rapaport Auction?
    3. How do sellers submit diamonds to the auction?
    4. What types of diamonds are accepted for auction?
    5. Can diamonds be listed elsewhere while they’re in auction?
  18. NEW! RapNet Inbox 

    1. What is the new RapNet Inbox?
    2. Why has this change been made?
    3. Can I keep using my existing email to communicate with other members?
    4. Can I see my Inbox history?
    5. How do I know if I have a new Inbox message?
  19. Rapaport Diamond Certificate 

    1. Who can submit diamonds for certification at Rapaport?
    2. How do you submit a diamond for inspection?
    3. Where are RapLab’s regional offices?
    4. What is the Rapaport Investment Diamond Certificate (IDC)?
    5. What is the difference between a Grading Report and an Investment Diamond Certificate?
  20. All articles 

    1. Viewing Search Results
    2. Adding a Buy Request
    3. How to List Diamonds for Sale
    4. TradeScreen Price Research
    5. Looking up Members in the Directory

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