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  1. NEW! Managing my subscription 

    1. What is changing?
    2. Will I be notified when my credit card is charged?
    3. Can I manage my own subscriptions and view invoices?
  2. NEW! RapNet Jewelry 

    1. What is RapNet Jewelry?
    2. Who can upload jewelry?
    3. Does RapNet Jewelry have an extra cost?
    4. Where do I access RapNet Jewelry?
    5. Where do I search for jewelry on RapNet?
  3. NEW! Live Auctions 

    1. What is RapNet Live Auctions?
    2. Who can participate in the live auctions?
    3. As a RapNet member, do I need to provide compliance documentation?
    4. How long are the live auctions?
    5. What type of diamonds will be featured in the auctions?
  4. NEW! Trade Center 

    1. What is the RapNet Trade Center?
    2. What has changed?
    3. Where can I find the Trade Center?
    4. Does Trade Center work on the mobile app?
    5. How do I buy using the Trade Center?
  5. The Rapaport Price List 

    1. What is the Rapaport price list?
    2. Do you have a guide to reading and understanding the Rapaport Price List?
    3. How do I price diamonds that are below the list weight and color scale?
    4. How do you value diamonds above 10.99 carat?
    5. I am a RapNet member, how do I download the current Rapaport Price List?
  6. Diamond Prices 

    1. What is TradeScreen?
    2. How do I use the Diamond Price Calculator?
    3. RapNet Price List
    4. RapNet Price List Changes
  7. Login and Privacy  

    1. NEW! Device Authorization - What has changed?
    2. NEW! Device Authorization - Why the change?
    3. NEW! Device Authorization - Who will the changes affect?
    4. NEW! Device Authorization - What if my cookies and local storage are cleaned by a program?
    5. I forgot my password... what shall I do?
  8. Mobile Apps 

    1. Which mobile apps do Rapaport provide?
    2. What is the RapNet App?
    3. I am not a Rapaport member, can I download the Rapnet App?
    4. I receive the Rapaport list every week/month, can I use the RapNet App?
    5. I am a RapNet member. Which features can I use on the RapNet App?
  9. Managing Your Account 

    1. How do I renew my membership?
    2. What are the payment options for renewing my membership?
    3. How do I update my account information?
    4. How do I add an additional member to my account?
    5. Can I change my login and password on my profile page
  10. Diamond Search 

    1. How do I search for a diamond?
    2. How do I add and load a saved search?
    3. How do I find diamonds from a certain supplier if I don't know their RapNet ID?
    4. Can I search for a specific brand such as Canada Mark or Hearts & Arrows?
    5. What does RapSpec mean?
  11. Buy Diamonds 

    1. Understanding Search Results
    2. What is the meaning of the 'RapSpec' next to each diamond?
    3. Can I track a diamond on RapNet?
    4. I'm interested in a diamond, how do I find out the supplier's contact information?
    5. Customize diamond results to send to my buyer, include mark up and remove RapNet supplier name
  12. Sell Diamonds 

    1. How do I list diamonds for sale on RapNet?
    2. How do I list a couple of diamonds?
    3. How do I upload my diamond stock list to RapNet?
    4. Do you advise uploading single diamonds or from an Excel Sheet?
    5. Can I upload fancy colored diamonds on to RapNet?
  13. Buy Requests 

    1. How do I add a Buy Request?
    2. Where can I view my Buy Requests?
    3. How do I edit my Buy Requests and notifications?
    4. How do I view all buy requests?
    5. How do I see my Buy Request notifications?
  14. Member Directory 

    1. How do I find a member in the Member Directory?
    2. What are Ratings?
    3. How do I request another member to rate me?
    4. How do I leave a rating for another member?
  15. Instant Inventory 

    1. What is RapNet Instant Inventory?
    2. What exactly does Instant Inventory provide me with?
    3. Can I use Instant Inventory to power 2 or more websites belonging to my group?
    4. Am I allowed to download RapNet Instant Inventory data to my computer?
    5. How do I setup RapNet Instant Inventory for the first time?
  16. RapNet XL 

    1. How do I download RapNet XL?
    2. How do I use RapNet XL?
    3. Why is my price worksheet not calculating correctly?
    4. Help me change the currency of my price worksheet into USD?
    5. How do I upload my diamonds via RapNetXL?
  17. Technical Questions 

    1. Old certificate information appears after a diamond has been recut or recerted.
    2. Unable to upload certificate getting error (500) message on following page: RapNet/LotManager/MyFiles.aspx
    3. Diamond Images appearing in zoomed format
    4. Print Selected not working
    5. Number of valid diamonds uploaded does not match the number in My Listings
  18. RapNet Tips & Tricks 

    1. How can I sell better on RapNet?
  19. Rapaport Auctions  

    1. What are Rapaport Auctions?
    2. Can anyone participate in a Rapaport Auction? And how do I register?
    3. How do suppliers submit diamonds to the auction?
    4. What types of diamonds are accepted for auction?
    5. Can diamonds be listed elsewhere while they’re in auction?
  20. All articles 

    1. Understanding Search Results
    2. How do I add a Buy Request?
    3. How do I list diamonds for sale on RapNet?
    4. What is TradeScreen?
    5. How do I find a member in the Member Directory?

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